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Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley Inpatient Center

What is Inpatient Care?
There may be times when a hospice patient cannot continue to receive care at home. Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley created the Inpatient Care Center for those such times. The Inpatient Care Center is designed for short-term care to manage acute symptoms, adjust medications, or to stabilize patients.

The Inpatient Center may be used if there is no primary caregiver or if the patient needs medical attention that cannot be given at home. The Inpatient Center can also be used if the patient is approaching death and the patient and family have chosen to spend their final days in the center. Or, it can also be used to provide respite care to relieve the patient's primary caregiver on a temporary basis, usually up to 5 days.

How Much do Inpatient Services Cost?

Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley accepts Medicare and Medicaid coverage as payment for hospice services. Most private insurances also cover our services. We refuse care to no one based on his or her lack of insurance or inability to pay. The scope of Hospice services is defined by the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

Patients who choose hospice care receive a full scope of non-curative medical and support services for their terminal illness. Hospice care also supports the family and loved ones of the patient through a variety of grief and bereavement services.

Who is Appropriate For Inpatient Care?
The Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley Inpatient Center can be used if any of these apply:

  • Currently a hospice patient
  • No caregiver in the home 
  • Patient does not want to die at home
  • Needs short-term care to manage symptoms or pain

    Inpatient Care Center Policies

    Visiting- Family members are permitted and encouraged to stay around the clock if they so desire. There is no limit on numbers of, ages or times of visiting. We only ask that you be aware of others by controlling noise levels and helping to protect the furnishings. Family areas away from the patient's rooms are also provided.

    Food Service - Meals will be provided and will be planned to accommodate individual preferences to the extent practical. An extra meal will be provided to one family member if they are in the room with the patient at meal time. Snacks will be available to our patients. For families, there is a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave in the family living area. The Trace Cafe located in the hospital is available for your convenience.

    Personal Property - Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley cannot be responsible for valuable items, such as money, credit cards, jewelry, etc. We encourage patients to send these items home with their families. Please do not leave your personal belongings in the family room, as other families will be sharing this area.

    Pets - Visits from a patient's pet are welcomed, but must be planned before the pet is brought to the Inpatient Center. Pets should be brought on a leash or in a pet carrier. The back stairwell leading to the Inpatient Center will be utilized for pet transport.

    Restrooms - Private restrooms are available in the patient rooms. Restrooms are also located in the family lounge.

    Telephone Calls - Local calls are complimentary and may be made from either the patient rooms or our business center area located in the family lounge. Long distance calls will need to be pre-arranged.

    Smoking - The Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley Inpatient Center and Adams County Regional Medical Center are smoke-free environments.

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